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about us

 direct mail:Sevenfold spice, llc 1605 GLENDALE AVE.  casper wy 82601                     or email  sevenfoldspice@yahoo.com


                                                                                                          OUR MISSION

Sevenfold Spice produces custom blended seasonings for home cooking and grilling.

Our spices are specifically blended to taste great together.  You don’t need to worry about ruining expensive food with a cooking experiment gone wrong.

Great tasting food is our goal using natural ingredients.

Carefully formulated with NO MSG, NO GLUTEN, NO SILICON DIOXIDE or preservatives and proudly Made in the USA.

Sevenfold has been working many years to perfect our blends and rubs to get the right ratio of ingredients.  SEVENFOLD SPICE does this, so you don’t have to.  Instead of having a pantry full of spices and wondering what works with what, pick one of our flavor themes and run with it.

SEVENFOLD SPICE was founded to help anyone cooking at home.  Whether in the kitchen cook or manning the grill, our seasoning spices are there to help your food recipes taste great every time.

Using SEVENFOLD SPICE will make you "THE CHEF" at your house.

You have 20 to 30 spices in your pantry...... what goes with what?  Now you can have of 7 or 8 of your favorite Sevenfold Spice Blends and you are covered.  Economical and TASTES GREAT….guaranteed.  Our goal is to make and keep happy customers and we take that very personal.... let us know!

Our dedicated customers are the proof that you will be satisfied with our spices.  Sevenfold Spice is growing a stable business by our customers’ word of mouth. 


SEVENFOLD SPICEgot its start in the best way possible. A customer ran back into the kitchen at the restaurant where SEVENFOLD SPICE was used to make his garlic toast and wanted to know what spices & herbs had been used and where could he get those spices.  Instantly,  SEVENFOLD SPICE   had its first customer.

Jeff Dotzler, is better known as “JD”was raised a the farm back in the Midwest and was the only one of 11 siblings interested in what food recipes his mom was using to cook that food in the kitchen.

Working construction and oil fields for years, He was still interested in cooking, he enrolled and graduated from culinary school.  While an intern cook at the local Country Club, they realized top quality food, flavor  and consistency were their trademarks. That is why spice blends were developed as certain spices work together.

There are 16 recipes for spice blends and rubs produced by Sevenfold Spice. Two of our most popular seasonings are now available SALT FREE.  Season recipes, cook and grill food with natural spices for flavor and taste, GUARANTEED.