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We are expanding and growing at a fantastic rate. We are trying out Paypal Invoicing… here is how it works, you email an order to me using the email  When I receive the order, I will email you back, a paypal invoice which has a "pay" button for you to pay with your debit or credit card. When we receive payment, your order will be processed and shipped! The value of paypal invoicing allows us to offer quantity discounts and/or special offers available at the time of the order.
About Sevenfold Spice: We blend all natural bulk seasonings to specific recipes to make your food taste great when cooking, brochure enclosed. Sevenfold blends and rubs are processed in a commercial kitchen in Casper, Wyoming since 2010, all natural... no preservatives, no MSG, no flowing
agents and are "gluten free".

If you have any questions call me…   307-251-5424
Jd Dotzler, Chef and Owner, Sevenfold Spice LLC


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If interested in carrying the Sevenfold Spice product line it may be better to call one of us. 

Chef  JD Dotzler 307-251-5424

Sevenfold Spice LLC. 1605 Glendale Ave, Casper, WY 82601

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